Meet our Founders!

The Gift of Soccer was founded out of our passion to give underprivileged communities access to soccer by repurposing gently used soccer gear. Our mission is to provide every child the opportunity to play soccer, fostering a love for the sport while teaching life skills like teamwork and resilience. Our founders’ vision and commitment have created an inclusive environment where every child can thrive and build lasting friendships. Join us in our mission to change lives by giving The Gift of Soccer.

Ken Levandoski

Ken Levandoski

President | Executive Director

Ken, along with his wife Margie, founded the Gift of Soccer Foundation in 2010. With a strong background in coaching, Ken has led youth travel soccer teams and the University of New Mexico Men’s Club team following the disbandment of their Division I program. As a former volleyball player at the University of Notre Dame, Ken’s athletic experience further enriches his coaching abilities.

Ken has over 30 years of experience in the private and government contract industries. He is also a co-owner of LionSky, a web branding and digital media company. His extensive travels, spanning over 35 countries, have provided him with a broad and diverse perspective.

Currently, Ken serves as the President and an Executive Director of the Gift of Soccer Foundation, where he continues to advance the organization’s mission and impact.

Margie Espe

Margie Espe

Vice President | Executive Director

Margie, along with her husband Ken, founded the Gift of Soccer Foundation in 2010. With extensive experience in youth soccer, Margie has served as both treasurer and manager for numerous teams. As a former successful high school athlete in upstate New York and a semi-professional football cheerleader, she brings a wealth of sports knowledge and enthusiasm to her role.

Margie has over 30 years of experience in both the private and educational sectors. She is the majority owner of LionSky, a Woman-Owned Corporation specializing in web branding and digital media. Her professional journey has taken her to over 20 countries, enriching her global perspective.

Currently, Margie serves as the Vice President and Executive Director of the Gift of Soccer Foundation, where she continues to drive the organization’s mission and impact.

Kenny Levandoski

Kenny Levandoski

Treasurer | Marketing Director

Kenny has been an integral part of the Gift of Soccer Foundation for over 14 years. He has an extensive soccer background, having played on youth travel teams, a State Championship-winning high school team, and at the college level. Additionally, he has served as an assistant coach for Albuquerque Academy, leading them to multiple state championships.

In 2023, Kenny graduated summa cum laude with a designation in  Honors, from the University of New Mexico, earning Bachelor’s degrees in Management Information Systems (MIS), Entrepreneurship and Finance. He has also enriched his academic experience by studying abroad in Rome, Italy; Sydney, Australia; and Amsterdam, Netherlands, for three different semesters. He has visited over 30 countries during his studies abroad. Kenny is set to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Finance in December 2024.

Currently, Kenny serves as the Treasurer and Marketing Director for the Gift of Soccer Foundation, continuing to contribute his expertise and passion to the organization’s mission.

Jessie Levandoski

Jessie Levandoski

Secretary | Social Media Director

Jessie has been a dedicated member of the Gift of Soccer Foundation for over 12 years. She has a rich background in soccer, having played for over 11 years on youth club travel teams and State Championship-winning high school team.

Currently, Jessie is a student at the University of New Mexico, where she is a Dean’s List student studying Pre-Med with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She plans to attend Medical School. Her academic achievements are complemented by her global experiences, having traveled to over 20 countries. 

Jessie continues to contribute to the Gift of Soccer Foundation as the Social Media Director, bringing her passion and expertise to the organization. 

Hello! Do you want to know what we do?

We collect and redistribute gently used soccer gear and resources to kids, locally, regionally, and worldwide.
To date we have sent over 30,000+ pieces of soccer gear to 19 different countries on 6 continents,
making kids lives a little better by giving ‘the gift of soccer’!

Gear Collection

We collect gently used soccer gear, repurpose it, promoting sustainability.

Humanitarian Support

Humanitarian efforts use the power of soccer to uplift locations worldwide.


Empower individuals to create positive change by fostering empathy.

Gear Repurposing

We transform gently used soccer equipment into valuable resources.

Donation Support

Empowering off-site volunteers to support underserved communities.


Providing tools & resources for coaches, staff, players, and parents.

Pieces of Gear Sent

Countries Reached


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