Care4Community_Kids_PlayingCare4Communities wants to partner with YOU, joining together to minister to the villagers in La Colonia, in Roatan, Honduras.  We’ve created the name care 4 communities,  to be a bridge between two very different communities.   With the creation of this name, this entity, we are embarking on a whole new way of living out our lives.  Care4Communities wishes to connect communities together so that “a world without borders” might seem possible.  Come along….guarantee it’ll be a wild ride!

Care4Communities is coordinating with organizations & people there locally, whom share the vision of uplifting the lives of those on Roatan.  Care4Communities wishes to bring entities together, to complement one another, being examples in how organizations & people might work better together.  OUR FOCUS:   “to grow a few. ”   By working with the community of the Colonia, rather than for their community, these brothers and sisters of ours will be given the empowerment, knowledge and faith to live more fully.

Care4Communities is all called to love our neighbor, and our neighbors are all over the world.  We live in an incredibly complex, globalized world.  Who is our neighbor?  We have come to believe that our neighbor is virtually everybody on the planet, many of whom seem far away but are actually nearby.

The villagers in La Colonia face numerous challenges physically, academically, spiritually, and socially as they attempt to break a cycle of poverty.  Care4Communities embarking on this ministry, to journey alongside them, is our way of  loving these neighbors.  Care4Communities desire is to share our faith walk with you, to share the lives of these villagers with you.  Your support, in a variety of different ways, is a tangible way to love these neighbors as well.

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