The Gift of Soccer Foundation is proud to have partnered with Hope Christian School to support their Outreach program to Ecuador this May.

Hope Christian has been supporting outreach Missions to Ecuador for many years.  Chaperones along with students travel to the jungles of Ecuador and provide much needed support and materials to change the lives of many families.  Recently the efforts have been focused on partnering with an Ecuadorian Non-Profit Group, Feecuador Elohim.  One place that this wonderful organization supports is a feeding center.  This center supports around 15 communities from a centralized location providing much needed nutritional support and medical and dental services to the area.

For more information contact the Lead Sponsor: Janira Tucker | | 385-1478

Hope Christian Schools Students on Mission in Ecuador

The Feecuador Elohim foundation has had a number of actions in the community thanks to its broad vision of cooperation, although it is necessary to highlight its main axes of action, the same ones that have lasted despite the economic situation that has maintained the organization and provides:

  • Canteens in different locations – In these dining rooms food is provided at lunchtime to children who come from families with economic problems or homes of single mothers.
  • Management of medicine and dentistry – The organization has sought to manage services and medical and dental check-ups, the same ones that are given free of charge and periodically to the children and youth of the foundation.
  • Tutoring and Christian education – With the help of local volunteers, day-to-day tutoring is provided for children and young people to improve their academic performance, while at the same time sharing Christian principles to be positively influenced in their development.
  • Help of school supplies and other expenses for education – In Ecuador, free education does not cover all the expenses that this demand like uniforms, school supplies, tuition, among others, the same ones that the foundation seeks to manage support to supply them.
  • Courses and workshops – Courses are given on different topics such as sports, dance, survival, crafts, among other recreational activities. There are also workshops on prevention and sex education, hygiene, manners, and social and Christian values.
  • Food for older adults – Elders are received once a week, they receive food and medicines periodically.
  • Camp of annual integration – Children of all the localities of the foundation meet once a year so that they can share experiences and relate between different cultures.
  • Concerts and evangelistic campaigns – Music has been an alley in the moment of sharing the word of God with those in need, in these events has been achieved a rapprochement with the community.
  • English Language Courses – Free English courses are taught for the whole community, especially children and young people.
  • Donation management for friendly churches – The foundation has used its contacts for the benefit of several churches in the country with free materials and courses.
  • Vacation Bible schools – Each year during the holiday season the Foundation organizes holiday courses in which they are given physical culture classes, art, helping them to be more creative and have a fun time with the community.
  • Counseling and ministry – Every day children and their families have access to counseling by specialized staff, helping them solve problems and restore each household.
  • Missions hosts – The organization has been the host and coordinator of several local and international missionary groups, the same ones who according to their abilities and call have done various works on the foundation’s locations.

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