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Tekk® is the leader in the next generation of training equipment. With its patented one-piece design it is the strongest and largest trainer on the market with 40 square feet of surface area. With a powder coated frame made of aircraft grade aluminum and 3mm thick steel brackets it has the strongest rebound of anything available. The angle adjusts to seven positions for all around training. The Tekk® Trainer is extremely strong and durable and built to last for years.

With the Tekk® Trainer you don’t need anyone else. You can practice by yourself and get better on your own with the exact same product the pros use at their training sessions. The ball comes back to you at game speed, simulating real game situations. This enables field players and goalkeepers to master their technique and control. Whether you are 6 years old or a pro you can take your game to the next level with the Tekk Trainer. Designed for players ages 6 and up.


  • Practice side volleys, in-step, passing, shooting, trapping, and heading
  • Work on ball control with your thigh and chest
  • Strengthen your weaker foot
  • Increase leg strength
  • Control and shoot; control and dribble
  • Practice ball striking and finishing
  • Use it as a wall


  • Work on your footwork and diving
  • Master your hand positions, catching and body shape
  • Strengthen your arm and throwing accuracy
  • Improve quickness and agility
  • With someone serving you the ball it allows you to react to game type situations
  • Ball comes back to you at game speed

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SoccerGoals-LogoKeeper-Goals-Logo-Text is owned and maintained by Keeper Goals of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At Keeper Goals we have been manufacturing and distributing sporting goods equipment including soccer goals and nets since 1978.  In 2011 Keeper Goals was delighted to acquire Goal Oriented of Denver, Colorado.  We now distribute a full-line of Goal Oriented products manufactured in our factory in Butler, WI.

  • Take your FFIT™ flat soccer goal anywhere (41 pounds)!
  • Breaks down to 4′ segments so it fits easily in your car’s trunk or back seat.
  • Assembly is quick & easy. Under 5 minutes, (two people), no screws, no snaps, and no sag!
  • Aluminum tubing is of a top quality, rigid, strong alloy, designed to resist bending, even under extreme pressures.
  • Steel bases are zinc-plated (non-rusting) and when secured to the ground with the spikes (provided) you’ll be amazed at this goal’s stability.
  • FFIT™ goals are the first in their class to include the NSP Safety Option – a 1/4″ neoprene pad designed to attach to the base to help prevent serious injury.

Great For:

  • Splitting the field
  • Practice goal on the soccer field
  • A transportable coaching device
  • Soccer clinics and camps
  • Solo practice or with others

Included Items:

  • Net
  • Aluminum posts
  • Steel corners and connecting pieces
  • Zinc-plated, 10″ stakes
  • Carrying case  made from toughest Cordura Nylon.
  • 2 standard, steel bases


Weight: 41 lbs per goal
Assembled Size: 7 3/4′ high, 23 1/4′ wide
Tubing: 1 1/2″ (OD) aluminum, 1 5/8″ (OD) steel
Carrying Case: 1000 denier Cordura nylon
Carry Case Dimensions: 4′ long, 10″ wide, 5″ deep
Net: White Nylon, 4″ squares, with main-stay cord.
Carry Case: 1000 denier Cordura® Nylon, zippered, double lined. (Back pack design)
Base Plates: 23″ long, 3″ wide with provisions for 4 grounding spikes
Grounding Spikes: 10″ long, zinc-plated

Call it a Coerver™ Goal, a Flat Trainer, a European-Style Goal, a FFIT™ a Flat-Faced Goal, or ???. They’re all “flat”, (without depth), and most likely used in training. But only the FFIT™ is “Goal Oriented Portable” engineered to transport in the trunk of your car!

FFIT™ is “Better by Design!” FFIT™ combines the best physical & metallurgical properties of both aluminum and steel, including specific alloys, tolerances, and patented technology. FFIT™ won’t sag; won’t bend; is the most portable and the lightest 8×24 flat goal; adapts to many size combinations (including soccer tennis and with the addition of indoor/turf bases, indoor use). FFIT™ is probably the finest and the most enduring goal you’ll ever purchase! Still not sure? Call us (800-594-5126) and ask to speak with some of our customers.

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