A child’s dream has the power to come true. Some may think that dreams are just imagination or a waste of time. But the truth is, dreams and the way we imagine the world can be, can turn into reality. One of the most important life lessons parents and coaches can impart on children – is to help them to realize the power of dreams combined with perseverance can lead to extraordinary results.

Everyone dreams, whether they do it openly, secretly or subconsciously. Children seem to dream even more, as their imagination is unfettered they have not had the filters of society place so heavily upon them yet. It is best to encourage dreams from a young age, so to guide a child thoughts towards nurturing, constructive, and positive aspirations. Typically we tend to assume that children don’t have any worries. That is a myth. Children do have worries, which to grownups may seem insignificant or childish but they are worries nevertheless. These are big worries for the little minds and an opportunity for parents to turn the doubts and questions into positive dreams and thoughts.

Encourage positive thoughts. Always encourage any child to use phrases such as ‘I can’, ‘I am’, ‘I will’ instead of ‘I can’t’. The idea is to make your child think, speak, and believe in the positive. When children think or speak negative, they focus more on what they don’t want or what can go wrong. As a parent or coach, it is your duty, to make your child focus on their wants and desires, rather than their fears. Positive thinking helps children to think of the things they can achieve and things they can improve upon. A child with a dream, naturally exhibits great motivation and a burning desire to live life. Children who don’t dream or who get exposed in self-doubt and lack of confidence tend to lose their sense of direction. They lack that zeal to push themselves and challenge their limits. It is very important for parents and coaches to encourage children to think positive and nurture dreams.

Help a child to nurture positive thoughts and dreams; and it will propel them be successful in all aspects of their lives.

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