Joy in the Jungle – 2022


After a break during COVID, The Gift of Soccer Foundation is proud to again have partnered with Hope Christian School for the 4th time to support their Outreach program to Ecuador.

The last couple of years The Gift of Soccer Foundation was fortunate to work creatively through the pandemic with Rio Rapids Soccer Club and private generous donors to collect gear to be taken to the remote jungles of Ecuador.

Janira Tucker and Hope Christian has been supporting outreach Missions to Ecuador for many years. Chaperones along with students travel to the jungles of Ecuador and provide much-needed support and materials to change the lives of many families. Recently the efforts have been focused on partnering with an Ecuadorian Non-Profit Group, Feecuador Elohim. One place that this wonderful organization supports is a feeding center. This center supports around 15 communities around Quito, Ecuador from a centralized location providing much-needed nutritional support and medical and dental services to the area.

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