Juarez, Mexico Donations


We were contacted by Teresa Sosa of the FC Juarez Bravos El Paso Academy and Father Juan Carlos regarding a need in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Luckily, we were heading to El Paso for a soccer tournament for our son, Kenny. We packed up our SUV and ended up delivering over 1500 pieces of soccer equipment in large 55-gallon storage containers to Teresa Sosa of the FC Juarez Bravos El Paso Academy and Father Juan Carlos. We met at the tournament site and filled multiple cars to deliver this equipment to an impoverished area in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

The stories told by Father Juan were heart-wrenching: “The children come out of their makeshift shelters each and every night to hear Father Juan Carlos read from the bible and then they receive some milk and cookies before returning to living on the streets.”

The equipment will help to bring some form of joy and happiness to these children caught in a world most could not imagine. Thank you all to the Rio Rapids Coaches and Families that took the time to save, clean, and donate the equipment.




Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – North America


Northern Soccer Club – Santa Fe, NM USA (Soccer Gear)
Rio Rapids Soccer Club – Albuquerque, NM USA (Soccer Nets, cleats)



Gift of Soccer Foundation – Albuquerque, NM USA



Gift of Soccer Foundation – Albuquerque, NM USA
Teresa Sosa of the FC Juarez Bravos El Paso Academy
Father Juan Carlos – Impoverished Area Supervisor


The donations were collected from many sources, mainly our kid’s soccer teams. The Gift of Soccer Team sorted, cleaned and packaged the gear up in our home for distribution.


We were fortunate to be headed to El Paso for a soccer tournament, giving us the opportunity to help this underserved city. During a break in the tournament, we met with the volunteers who would take the donations. It was an honor to support these children and make a positive impact in their lives.


Father Juan Carlos played a crucial role in distributing the soccer gear to the children. He ensured that each child received the equipment. His dedication and efforts made a significant impact, bringing smiles to the faces of many young aspiring soccer players. By providing them with the gear, Father Juan Carlos helped to inspire hope and foster a love for the game, demonstrating the power of community support and generosity.

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