Thank you Feecuador Elohim and Janira Tucker for sharing A glimpse into the area the donations reached. You are amazing!!! Today the children were given the gear from us. And, the volunteers put on a soccer camp, and played a soccer game with the older children. We are feeling incredibly fortunate to have a small part in this incredible mission. We thank everyone who made this possible Rio Rapids Soccer Club Presbyterian Medical Services (dental supplies)

From Janira Tucker from Ecuador: 
Elohim USA is with Janira Tucker.

June 5, 2019 –


After a 7 hour bus ride the Hope Christian High School mission team made it safely to the jungle. As soon as we arrived we did our VBS for 60 kids in the village which involved skits, drama, songs, and a craft. After that we conducted a soccer camp that the kids really enjoyed! We passed out soccer gear prizes from the donations we received from “The Gift of Soccer” at the end of the camp. Tomorrow we will work in the morning followed by outreach at another village in the afternoon.
June 6, 2019 ·
This morning, the Hope Christian team crossed the Coca river in a large canoe and hiked about 2 miles through the jungle to a very remote indigenous village called Guanvula where there is a one room school called Condor Pakcha. Just before reaching the village we crossed a bridge that Elohim helped build over a river to make it safer for children from the village to get to school. At the village, we did our outreach to both children and adults and conducted a soccer camp. Both the children and adults from the village participated and had a great time. We also played soccer with the adults and older youth after the camp. Each child received a gift of soccer gear. In the afternoon we went to another larger indigenous village called Sardinas and did our VBS program and soccer camp with the children there. It was a very tiring but great day. @thegiftofsoccer

This photo has a particularly special place in my heart. You can see the boy with the burgundy jersey in the middle of the photo. This is Kenny’s Rio Rapids Soccer Jersey #21! Proof that we are doing great things.

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