Soccer Organizations Strategic Business Consulting

Helping those that help!  The Gift of Soccer Foundation offers strategic analysis consulting services to help soccer related organizations with their short and long term strategy, planning, and implementation.  We assist with the analysis of branding expectations, corporate partnerships, alliances, sponsorships, promotions, fund-raising, co-branding, and other strategies for growing soccer organizations in their desired markets.   Sometimes these decisions are financial, sometimes they are driven buy the desire to grow the organization, and sometimes help comes with making the hard decisions of narrowing their offerings to help GOOD organizations get to GREAT.

The impacts and decisions that are made with strategic alliances can greatly benefit or sometimes hamper the desired longer term effect.  We share our extensive business knowledge and contacts to assist in finding what is best for clubs and other soccer related entities.  We also have a database of industry leaders that are willing to assist in the success of these organizations.

By assisting the grassroots systems, we are strengthening the overall system for the benefits of kids and the powerful role that sports can play in their lives.  The positive impact that coaches and other players can have on a child is a very often overlooked and discounted.  It is essential that those that teach and coach have all the support that they can get to help our children succeed in life as well as on the field!



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