Our 1st Donation to Uganda


 The Gift of Soccer Foundation is proud to partner with Eddie Tokpa, MA (International Development to support a new outreach program to Uganda. The donation came from the  Cohasset High School Soccer Teams just before Thanksgiving. They collected donations from Hingham Youth Soccer, Galway Rovers FC, and South Shore Select Soccer. The Men’s and Women’s teams made the Gift of Soccer their high school project.




Kampala Region, Uganda – Africa


Cohasset High School Soccer Teams – Cohasset, MA USA (Soccer Gear)
Rio Rapids Soccer Club – Albuquerque, NM USA (Soccer Nets, cleats)



Gift of Soccer Foundation – Albuquerque, NM USA



Eddie Tokpa, MA (International Development)
Assistant Coordinator -Uganda Studies Program
– Denver, CO USA (Outreach Team)


Cohasset High School Soccer Teams set up collection bins in 2 different towns (Cohasset, MA, Hingham, MA) and were able to secure a large number of uniforms that were never used. They even coordinated with a shipping company and borrowed space on freight trucks to get it shipped to us. The high school teams sorted and packed the boxes. A lot of hard work and resourcefulness were needed to pull this off.

This was a donation that filled a very deep need in the Kampala Region in Uganda AFRICA.
The work and dedication that went into this was incredible. We are grateful to the organizers and the donors for this impressive donation drive! We hope your heart is full after seeing the video of where these donations ended up and the joy you have provided to so many in Uganda. Your hard work and dedication has paid off. 


We were lucky to partner with Eddie Tokpa, MA – International Development. Assistant Coordinator –Uganda Studies Program
– Denver, CO USA -Outreach Team. He drove from Denver with his wife to pick up the bins we transferred the gear into for transport. We filled his car to the maximum it could hold. Thank you for taking this donation. We are grateful for your support.


Members of Eddie’s team helped him to distribute the gear. Take a look at the pure joy and happiness this beautiful group experienced because of this incredible act of kindness. Thank you to Cohasset High School and Eddie Tokpa for giving The Gift of Soccer.

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