Help in Los Angeles


We were contacted by Elizabeth Manco and her son, Gianluigi. They wanted to make The Gift of Soccer his high school project. During COVID, we have had to get clever in ways to get gear to those in need. We were able to make a connection to an organization, ‘Youth With A Mission’ – in Los Angeles. The founders, Fabio and Abel are a part of the North American Sport Movement. They were looking for gear to start a soccer camp and a new soccer academy. This was an amazing connection that will change lives. Thank you to Elizabeth, Gianluigi, his high school team for your amazing contribution. This was a tremendous amount of work and coordination. Thank you to Fabio and Abel, and Thank You to Rance Bland from SportQuest Ministries for the referral. It takes a village sometimes. Your hard work will pay off and will change lives.

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